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  • How to download the products?
    When payment confirmation is made, you will be directed to the download page (image below), you will also receive the link by email.
  • Can I change the textures?
    Yes! You can modify the textures as you wish. We created a facilitator to modify textures, you can change them but it won't modify the material path, as a material parameter does, but you can load a texture on top of it, even within your project.
  • Where are the block textures?
    Each zipped file has a folder of extra textures, if your revit doesn't read the path, unzip the files in a specific folder on your desktop, go to revit, click on materials, select the material/texture and click on the image and define the new texture path (folder where you saved the unzipped files). But most likely your textures will load automatically in revit.
  • Can I pass the files on to third parties?
    No, it is expressly forbidden to reproduce, distribute, commercialize or incorporate in own or third party databases.
  • What is the difference between the Just a Good Revit blocks and the other families I find on the internet?
    Our families have high quality design, often resemble Sketchup and 3ds max files, they are very different from the conventional blocks for Revit that we find on the internet, yet they are lightweight.
  • What year/version of the families?
    Revit 2019
  • Does the material have a monthly fee?
    No, purchased once, the file is yours from the download made on the machine, if you wish, save it in another location as an external hard drive so you don't lose them.
  • Are the blocks parametric?
    80% of our blocks are not parametric, the parameters related to measurements end up making it very difficult to deliver more realistic models. And our focus is to have exactly the possibility of having a parametric block.


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